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Only at Vargates Medical will students receive

Improving practical skills

Each clinical scenario has an "Examination" mode, after which you will be presented with detailed results about your passage, the file itself can be downloaded in PDF format

Effective exam preparation

The programme includes several:
- 150 clinical scenarios
- 7 specialisations
- pathological anatomy
- general anatomy
- educational films
and much more

The satisfaction of learning

Improve clinical thinking by practising decision-making skills with virtual patients and treat living people with confidence

Try out the many training modules and choose the one that suits you

The app presents various human diseases and conditions with detailed descriptions of classification, pathogenesis, anamnesis, complaints, examination, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Virtual patients, hundreds of clinical situations, thousands of scenarios and theoretical courses await you!

Learn without risk!

distance medical training
general anatomy

Author's base of processed material

The project has been developed by current medical professionals as well as professors from leading universities. With their help, the following were carried out:
  • clinical scenarios
  • pathological anatomy
  • general anatomy
  • theoretical basis

pathological anatomy
exam preparation for medical students
exam preparation for medical students

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